Shaina Wambululu

Artist Bio

Shaina Wambululu, a Plains Cree member from Muskoday First Nation, hails from Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, where her rural upbringing instilled a deep love for nature and animals. Currently residing in Saskatoon, Shaina has been practicing the art of beadwork for over two years. Inspired by her children and her passion for the outdoors, she embarked on this creative journey, aiming to pass down her craft and reverence for nature. Self-taught and supported by her mother and sister on their own beading journeys, Shaina draws inspiration from both family and the online beading community to create intricate pieces that capture the beauty of the boreal forest.

Shaina's artistic roots stem from her family's encouragement of creativity, and she has fond memories of her grandmother's hand-drawn cattle portraits. Her distant relative, Randy Fehr, also played a significant role as an artistic inspiration, even though they never met in person. Additionally, Shaina's aunt excels in crafting moccasins, mukluks, and gloves adorned with stunning beadwork. Beyond her art, Shaina cherishes spending time with her family and ensuring her children share her passion for nature through activities like fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking during visits up north to see relatives.

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