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Roxanne Shuttleworth is a Métis woman (of Saulteaux/Cree/Dakota/British/Scottish/French descent) from Ebb & Flow First Nation. A single mother of two, Roxanne’s greatest joy comes from her two grandsons, Aiden, and Calvin. Roxanne started working in the Thread Arts when she was 5 years old. Her mother taught her to crochet and entered her first piece – a doily - in a ‘Craft Show’, Roxanne won 3rd place.

“It was not the winning that thrilled me, it was seeing the pride on my parent’s faces, and knowing all the unraveling and ‘do it again’ was not a punishment (as she thought in her5 year old mind) but was teaching her to not only do it better, but to do it right” The spring she was 10 years old, she sewed - by hand – ruffled curtains for her bedroom, with the help of her grandmother. Later that summer, she took a 4H sewing course, and with the help of her mother, grandmother, and aunt, she finished her first garments, a two piece ‘Pants Suit’.

At 12 years old, and into her early teens, she began embroidery, knitting, cross stitch and beading. She began experimenting and working with leather and beads in her 40’s, making moccasins, baby wraps, and adding and embellishing with leather and beads to her apparel design. In 2011 Roxanne left the world of ‘working for others’ and began working on her own doing contract work. The gift of time has allowed her designing and creative side to grow and blossom with the help of the creator, the grand ‘beings’ and fellow artisans. Roxanne is a Traditional woman, gifted with items sacred to her community and she participates in and conducts ceremony on a regular basis.

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