Lauren Williams

Artist Bio

Kahsenniyohstha Lauren Williams is a turtle clan Kanyenkehaka/Mohawk artist and educator from Six Nations, Ontario. She was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1983. Kahsenniyohstha has always loved drawing and creating art, and this passion was fostered by family and friends. As a child, she learned to bead at First Nations House at the University of Toronto, from her mother’s students, and from visiting elders, and this skill has blossomed into a way of storytelling and expression.

Her work blends traditional and contemporary Haudenosaunee stories and aesthetics, embodying sacred feminine energy in modern and wearable designs. Each piece tells a story. As an adult, beading has been part of a healing journey to recover after a car accident. For Kahsenniyohstha, her paintings live on walls, but her beadwork can be worn and carried throughout the day, telling its story. Part of her mantra of self expression is “if you can draw it, you can bead it!”. This mantra is especially helpful in her current educational work with children and youth, during which she teaches beadwork, leather work, music, and other skills, and passes Indigenous knowledge to the next generations. Kahsenniyohstha Lauren Williams has a Master of Arts degree from the University of Bristol in Ancient History and Historiography, with a focus on Haudenosaunee oral tradition.

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