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Julia Tsetso is a member of the Liidlii Kue First Nation in the Dehcho (Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories). She has a variety of education and work experiences (Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts in Ceramics, Urban & Regional Planning Diploma, Community Justice Coordinator, House Painter, and Dental Therapist). Life in a northern town has a affirmed her love for the natural environment and her community. Nature, birch-bark baskets and traditional Dene garments are the main inspirations for her sewing and pottery.

Her recent work includes sewn decorative cases for hunters (roll out canvas cases for tools and knifes heaths) and Dene baby essentials (moss bags and baby belts). Her stoneware pots are made on a potter’s wheel then hand altered to redefine their shape carved, bisque-fired, glazed and finally fired in a wood kiln. She incorporates traditional Dene materials (glass and semi precious-stone beads, antler and bone beads, moose-hide and caribou-hide and fur) to decorate her sewing and to add accents to her pottery. These mixed mediums have become her signature and have allowed her to put new spins on her Dene traditions. Julia established Fluttery by Pottery in Rocky Mountain House, Albertain 2005, and moved it to Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories two years later. Recently, she’s changed the name to Flutter by Sales & Service to incorporate additional services (pottery, sewing, hemp product sales, and contract construction with her husband). She continues to live in and to make things for life in the north.

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