Dianne Coveyduck

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Dianne is of indigenous descent from Seine River First Nation. Dianne was born in Kenora, Ontario and grew up in the small tourist town of Sioux Narrows. She started learning the art of beadwork when she was 9 years old from her Aunt Helen. Most of the work she did as a child was done on a loom; however, over the past 20 years she has expanded her traditional work to Moccasins, Gauntlets and beaded jewelry. Today, Dianne has a Business Administration degree at the Confederation college. Dianne’s hobbies include fishing, sketching, beading, and spending time with her 3 grandchildren. Dianne’s work can also be seen at the Darlington Bay Gallery - Kenora, Ontario. Devil Gap - Kenora, and The Trading Post in Sioux Narrows, Ontario.

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