Artist Bio

Anne Bell is of South Slavey decent and is a proud member of Fort Nelson First Nation (FNFN) in Northeastern British Columbia. She has been practicing her art for over 35 years. Her passion started at a young age while watching her mother and aunties create beautiful works of wearable art. It was a time filled with laughter and stories from the past. She is deeply inspired by Native traditions and carriers a deep connection to the land and animals. Which is fitting as FNFN members are “People of the Land” with a strong history and heritage tied to the land, waters and animals.

Currently, Anne is busy carrying on the art of traditional native crafts under the name Wilder Creations while helping operate her family run cattle ranch. She is also a beekeeper and creates soaps and salves; harvesting and foraging many of the ingredients for the surrounding area. In her spare time she enjoys being out on the land hunting, foraging, gardening and camping.

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