2024 National Day of Awareness for Missing & Murdered Indigenous Relatives

Featuring a Q&A with MMIR Advocate Kali KO Reis

We caught up with Kali "KO" Reis: world champion boxer, actor, advocate and proud two-spirit Seaconke Wampanoag Cape Verdean Warrior. We are inspired by how Kali uses her platform to raise awareness about MMIR, and jumped on the chance to learn more about her and why the issue is so close to her heart.

Kali, why do you choose to use your platform to raise awareness for causes like MMIWG2S+?
"As a mixed woman of color and a public figure, I've learned the importance of using our platforms (gifts) to uplift our communities and the issues we're passionate about. It's crucial to shine a light on the ongoing crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, which often receives minimal attention in mainstream media. These platforms provide valuable information and support to those fighting for justice and awareness."

You've supported grassroots organizations like Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women, People & Families and MMIW Northeast Woodland Group. How do you see these efforts contributing to the MMIWG2S+ movement?
"These organizations play a crucial role in providing vital support to affected families and raising awareness in our communities. By standing alongside them, we can spark conversations and advocate for justice for every stolen sister. Together, we're working towards a future where raising awareness through hashtags like #MMIR will no longer be necessary, empowering us to make a tangible difference through our collective efforts."

How can individuals contribute to raising awareness and supporting the MMIWG2S+ movement?
"It's essential for individuals to educate themselves, engage in conversations, and support organizations working on the front lines, such as Ohkomi Forensics, National Indigenous Women's Resource Center, and Native Hope. Wearing red on May 5th is a simple yet powerful way to show solidarity and honor the lives lost. Additionally, I would encourage people to recognize that this is a real issue that happens every day, even in your hometowns. Don't turn a blind eye to it; have the conversations, do research, and visit websites like https://www.ohkomiforensics.com/, https://www.niwrc.org/, and https://www.nativehope.org/missing-and-murdered-indigenous-women-mmiw for more information."

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