2024 Moose Hide Campaign Day | Walk to End Violence

Moose Hide Campaign Day | Walk to End Violence

The Moose Hide Campaign is an Indigenous-led grassroots movement that engages men and boys, and supports communities, in addressing gender-based and intimate partner violence. Participants wear a small square of moose hide, fast, or march in solidarity to show their commitment to ending violence against women, children, and 2-spirited peoples.

Founded in 2011 by Paul Lacerte and his daughter Raven, the movement has grown significantly, with support from diverse communities across Canada. Each year, Canadians unite to combat gender-based violence, honor victims and their families, and amplify Indigenous voices.

Moose Hide Campaign Day | Walk to End Violence

In Winnipeg, Manitobah staff members Lyndsay Merkley, Lor Brand, and Daman Morissette organized the first Moose Hide Campaign March. On May 16, 2024, hundreds gathered at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and marched to the Manitoba Legislative Building, where Deputy Minister of Families Nahanni Fountain spoke, and Darieon Hidalgo performed.

Following the march, the Manitoba Government announced funding of up to $250,000 to support the campaign’s local office. Manitobah is committed to positively impacting Indigenous communities and raising awareness about critical issues. The Moose Hide Campaign March reflects our dedication to fostering healing, respect, and understanding, and we are proud to have participated.

We thank all Manitobah staff for their involvement on Moose Hide Campaign Day.

Learn more about Moose Hide Campaign at https://moosehidecampaign.ca/

Moose Hide Campaign Day | Walk to End Violence