<b>Trip Charbs</b> <br>Feather Jewelry Set
  • <b>Trip Charbs</b> <br>Feather Jewelry Set
  • <b>Trip Charbs</b> <br>Feather Jewelry Set
  • <b>Trip Charbs</b> <br>Feather Jewelry Set

Trip Charbs
Feather Jewelry Set

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 Made in Canada

Materials: Cowhide, Glass Delica Beads
 One Size (adjustable)

About the Artist: Soul, Art, Design, Magic, Lover of life! Trip Charbs is an Ojibwe artist and jewelry designer from Pine Creek First Nation, currently residing in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Highly creative and artistic by nature, Trip learned how to bead at a young age at an after-school beading program. When the program ended, he lost touch with the art for several years until he picked up a needle and beads again in 2012. From that moment, his life was forever changed. Through his beadwork, Trip has reconnected with his culture and the teachings of who he is and who he’s meant to be. The beading helped to awaken what was once forgotten, and with that came spirituality, magic, love, healing and growth.
Through his gift, Trip has had the opportunity to meet and work with many talented individuals who have also become great friends. Trip has styled Crystal Lightning of Lightning Cloud, Tanya Tagaq, Lisa Meeches, Kim Wheeler, Janet Panic, Iceis Rain and Tina Keeper. Reciprocity and the promotion and support of other fellow Indigenous entrepreneurs is also very important to him.
Trip’s craft is a stunning, elevated melding of his love for fashion and traditional design. He was inspired after attending his first Indigenous Music Awards show in 2012, which lead to the creation of his highly sought-after Angel Wing collection. Some of Trip’s other passions include painting, home décor, baking and gardening.
“To bead is meditation, it’s tranquility. It’s gratitude in every bead and every needle poke to the finger.”



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What does it mean to be Indigenous–owned?

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Every Manitobah product comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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Our flexible, durable sole promotes circulation and barefoot-like comfort.

Our high-performance Vibram® sole is also the canvas for Indigenous art. The Tipi design was created exclusively for us by indigenous artist Heather Endall.

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When it came time to develop footwear for the city, we challenged Vibram®, the world leader in high-performance rubber soles, to design a sole that could withstand the effects of urban environments.


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