<b>Jeanette Henry</b> <br>3 Leaf Earrings

Jeanette Henry
3 Leaf Earrings

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 Made in Canada

Materials: Delica Beads, Deerskin backing

About the Artist: Many of Jeanette Henry's inspirations come from traditional images, history books and stories, along with current fashions, which reflects her identity as a Mi’gmaq/Mohawk Artist. At fourteen, her first job was at the local Cultural Centre where she spent the summer sewing moccasins for the gift shop alongside her mentor, Lita Isaac, and received her first commissioned order. Fifteen years later she remains passionate and dedicated to creativity.

Born in 1987, in Listuguj, Quebec, Jeanette has already experimented with different art forms such as hide tanning, soap stone & wood carving, sewing, beading and quillwork while she attended training for Native Cultural Arts in Northern Alberta. She also participated in a fancy ash basketry course offered by an Elder from Gesgapegiag, Quebec.

ARTIST STATEMENT: " To this day I always have multiple projects going. I get a new ideas and drop everything to start something else, not knowing how it’ll turn out. I’m never scared to try something new and that’s what I try to push others to do. Each item is a reflection of me as an artist and I hope others can see the passion behind my work "

Currently she maintains a full time job, is a part time student and dedicates any additional time to producing new creations, which can be seen on "Listuguj Mi'gmaq Artisans" Facebook group, or Jeanette_Henry on Instagram. She hopes to one day become a well-known Mi’gmaq/Mohawk Artist, and have her pieces displayed in galleries & museums as well as open her own store to showcase, not only her own work but other artists in her community.


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