Jaymie Campbell
Ladies 6 Moccasins

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 Made in Canada

 Moose Hide, Beaver Fur, Glass Beads 
Sole: Moosehide

Size: Ladies 6

Storyboots are authentically hand-crafted by Indigenous artists.
Artists receive 100% of the proceeds of each sale.

Jaymie's Story: Jaymie Campbell is an Anishinaabe artisan from Curve Lake First Nation, Ontario. Jaymie has been beading since she was a small girl, having learned the art from her mother. Her art blends traditional skills and patterns with contemporary colour and design. Jaymie comes from generations of artists before her, something that connects her to her ancestral roots today. While her work is reflective of her Ojibwe heritage, it is also heavily influenced by time she has spent with both the Dene people of the north and the Cree of the Rocky Mountains.

When Jaymie is practicing her artistry, she feels the most connected to her identity and her ancestors. She is filled with a sense of peace, as if their spirits are working through her. For the past few years, Jaymie has had the opportunity to learn traditional skills from the Cree elders where she lives and works. She is learning old style of beadwork, horse hair wrapping and hide tanning. She considers herself to be very fortunate to have access to such traditional people.

Jaymie is passionate about keeping traditions alive, especially around art. Through her practice, she hopes to promote and sustain traditional art while encouraging youth to learn traditional skills.


Our Vision

Our vision is to build a vibrant, global brand that makes a significant impact in Indigenous communities.

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Our Impact

  • Indigenous Collaboration: Sharing our success with Indigenous artists.
  • Building Capacity: Offering Indigenous employment in meaningful careers.
  • Keeping Indigenous Traditions Alive: Partnering with elders and artisans on a global scale.
  • Indigenous Partnership: Montreal Lake Business Ventures and Métis entrepreneur Sean McCormick are proud equity partners, sharing in Manitobah Mukluks' current and future success.

Art and Sole


Proudly crafting the world’s finest Indigenous-inspired footwear.

At Manitobah, we use high-quality materials and talented artisans to create the best mukluks and moccasins in the world. It takes a lot of time and effort to produce Manitobah footwear and we take great pride in the comfort, function and beauty we create. We also take pride in being Canadian, which is why we continue to produce some collections at our Indigenous-owned production facility in Winnipeg, Canada.

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