Cynthia Boehm
Child 9-10 Moccasins (2-3 yrs)

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 Made in Canada

Materials: Moose Hide, Rabbit Fur
Lining: Sherpa
Size: Child 9-10 (2-3 yrs)

Storyboots are authentically hand-crafted by Indigenous artists.
Artists receive 100% of the proceeds of each sale.

Cynthia's Story: Cynthia is a Cree woman with Scottish ancestry, born and raised in Norway House, Manitoba, and now lives in St Andrews, Manitoba. She learned to bead and design moccasins the traditional way in 2016 and fell in love with this art form.  She began making beaded moccasins as gifts for her family and soon expanded her passion by offering her original designs to the public.

Cynthia is very passionate about designing traditional native wears and respects the materials she uses come from Mother Earth, a teaching passed on by her late Father.   She has fond memories learning to sew with her mother at an early age and feels very grateful for the precious teachings. Fishing, hunting, trapping and living off the land was a way of life in Cynthia's upbringing as her father was a commercial fisherman, trapper and hunter.

Cynthia sells her one of a kind designs at The Gwen Fox Art Gallary Gift Shop in Selkirk, Manitoba, and The Heard Museum Shop in Phoenix Arizona, as well as designing custom orders.  She looks forward to continue designing as this art form gives her a great sense of cultural pride and she plans to offer public workshops in the near future keeping this traditional art form alive.  Cynthia continues to work with the Native Elders to ensure her work remains traditional .  She has a strong dedication to providing high quality and unique pieces of art.


Our Vision

Our vision is to build a vibrant, global brand that makes a significant impact in Indigenous communities.

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Our Impact

  • Indigenous Collaboration: Sharing our success with Indigenous artists.
  • Building Capacity: Offering Indigenous employment in meaningful careers.
  • Keeping Indigenous Traditions Alive: Partnering with elders and artisans on a global scale.
  • Indigenous Partnership: Montreal Lake Business Ventures and Métis entrepreneur Sean McCormick are proud equity partners, sharing in Manitobah Mukluks' current and future success.

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Proudly crafting the world’s finest Indigenous-inspired footwear.

At Manitobah, we use high-quality materials and talented artisans to create the best mukluks and moccasins in the world. It takes a lot of time and effort to produce Manitobah footwear and we take great pride in the comfort, function and beauty we create. We also take pride in being Canadian, which is why we continue to produce some collections at our Indigenous-owned production facility in Winnipeg, Canada.

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