Artist Series
2021 Edition

Five Artists & Five Original Works of Art

Each year, we are honoured with the opportunity to work with some of our favourite Indigenous artists. Every artist creating beautiful, original pieces of art that you can wear with pride.


Michif (Métis)

"The Grandmothers of old are always with us. They knew the land, the plants, and the medicines as they walked on Mother Earth. My wish for you all is that you will remember your grandmothers are always with you as you walk on your life’s path and that we can all rise to stand up for Mother Earth and the future generations.”

Manitobah + Christi Belcourt

Christi Belcourt Tamarack



Luiseño & Shoshone-Bannock

Jamie Okuma is Luiseno, Shoshone-Bannock, Wailaki, and Okinawan who is also an enrolled member of the La Jolla band of Indians in Southern California where she lives and works. Jamie has exhibited her work at the Phoenix Heard Indian market and at the Santa Fe Indian Art Market. She has garnered a total of five Best in Show Awards. One of only two artists to achieve this distinction.

Manitobah + Jamie Okuma

Jamie Okuma Tamarack



Diné (Navajo)

"Crosses, saltillo diamonds, and stripes. Those are the fundamental designs I think of when it comes to weaving. With a strong textile background that goes back seven generations, I wanted to translate my favourite elements in rugs onto a pair of Mukluks. With Diné, we are taught that everything we do should be done in beauty. Beauty surrounds us, is above us, and below us. When you slip these on, my hope for you is that you may walk in beauty.”

Manitobah + Naiomi Glasses

Naiomi Glasses Tamarack


Arctic Fashion


"Inspiration for this design came from our ancestors, especially my mother and grandmother. Growing up, my mom provided our family with warm winter clothing such as parkas and mitts. This was a great way for us to express our Inuit identity through our clothing and inspired me to do the same for my family. My grandmother, Lizzie lttinuar creates beautiful traditional beaded amautiks, ones that take up to a year to complete. Her dedication has always inspired me, her work is showcased in art museums around the world."

Manitobah + Victoria's Arctic Fashion

Victoria's Arctic Fashion Tamarack



Kwakwaka'wakw, Tlingit

"In my art, I show how both First Nations people and the artistic traditions have evolved, sharing images of animals such as orca whales, wolves, eagles, ravens and hummingbirds - animals often found on the Northwest Coast.

I am a member of the Raven Gwa'wina clan.

Gwa'wina - the raven, fancy feet. You and the raven walk in each other's footsteps, finding joy. This is my vision for your mukluks."

Manitobah + Corrine Hunt

Corrine Hunt Tamarack